Need feedback on a possible name

White Rose

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I am trying to establish a name for my business.

How does this sound - Jonvas

Jones is my last name and considering the fact I provide VA service.

Jones Virtual Assistant Service - merge all that int one word - Jonvas

I did consider Jovas but the domain was already taken.

What do you guys think? Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

P.S. Being deaf myself, I can't sound out the name to see if it sounds good or not. Those who can hear, can you please let me know if it "sounds" okay as well? Thank you!

Rebecka Melson

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Personally I wouldn't even begin to know how to pronounce that or understood what it meant without your explanation. If you're wanting a shorter name, what about just "Jones' VAs"?

White Rose

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I agree with you it's not a good one. The more I try to say that name, I found some difficulties. So will omit that one.

I typed in "Jones Virtual Assistant" and found there are some VA with same last name. As you know, Jones is among common last name. Hmmm...

At least they did not use the name in their business' branding name, and I checked to see if "jonesva" is available for domain, and it is.

So "Jones Virtual Assistant" for business name and jonesva for domain. Hows that?

But, does it stand out because I was told "Jones" had been used too commonly in business names....ahhh hmmm...



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I think Jones VA or Jones Virtual Assistant is fine - but if you're wanting something more unique what about brainstorming some words, names, nicknames, etc. that mean something to you and will help set your practice apart?

Whenever I have a website or software application to name, etc. I play around with the online thesaurus, putting in words that may be standard and boring business-wise but convey the meaning I'm looking for - and I just keep expanding my list of possible words to play with.


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I also like "Jones Virtual Assistant" for business name and jonesva for domain but Tess has a great idea on how to come up with a creative name.

The business name is like buying a purse - you have a lot of ideas and then one will pop out at you and you"ll know it's the one.

All the best,

My Office Zilla

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Hi Brenda! Do you always go by Brenda? Have you ever gone by Bren?

I love how rolls off the tongue. I don't know where you are geographically or if you'd use .com but I checked and it is available. If you are wanting to incorporate your name into it I think it is a pretty catchy option! The words you are working on today would still come in handy to develop a killer tagline!

Make it a great day!


White Rose

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brenjva - not bad for domain. Yes, many people had called me Bren and I've used it as well in emails. So that is certainly something to think about, it's interesting! Thank you!

Before I read the post about brenjva - I came up with other ideas:

Northview Virtual Agency
Northview Virtual Assistant
BJ Virtual Agency
BJ Virtual Office Service
BJ Virtual Assistant Service

The word, Northview, appeared in my dream while I took a nap earlier today so I played with it when I woke up.

And as for BJ - Once in a while I was called B.J. because of my first and last name and as you probably know - BJ is also known as a name.

Am still playing with the names and will experiment with brenjva...

Again, thank you!! :)


Jorren Co.

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I am fond of the name "Jonvas."

I took the first three letters of my maiden name, and the last three letters of my married name - "Jorren." I wanted to stand out and I didn't want to use Virtual Assistant since so many others are using it in their business name. But, there is always a story behind every business name.

Don't rush it, then it will come to you.

Dusty Warren
Jorren Co.

White Rose

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A friend of mine suggested the following:

Brevos - Bre (first 3 letter of my name) and then add VOS which stands for Virtual Office Service


Brevito - Bre adding with Vitrual IT Office

Any feedbacks? And can I have your vote on which you think is best?

White Rose

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Final decision has been made. The name is Brevos. Already got a domain for it and registered it with the court to make it legal.

Thanks for your help! :)