Need Website review and advice


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Hi Wendy - I like the English/German - very cool :)

A few things:

I like your site as a whole, it's nicely populated with content but I'm wondering what you can do to make it easier for me to decide where to look and what to click on the home page. There needs to be some color, perhaps some in-text links?

On this page you've got documents with a 'k' - on the English side - is that intentional? I'd fix it anyway just in case someone doesn't 'get it' ;)

And, your logo looks like it might be really cool but I can't read it on the black background...

I love the pic of you on the about page - good choice! People like to see the human element even if we are virtual!


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Hi Tess,
thank you very much for your review. No, documents in German is with a K not in English - Thanks for catching that one! I am going to work on your other suggestions too. When I am done, I will post again - probably you could take then another look?
Thank you,



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Hi Wendy,

Good job with your website:) I think you have started really well and it can only get better.

I also love the uniqueness of your services, having both the English and German connection...great!

Some on the English pages have your content centered and a little more difficult to read, definitely left-align them like the German pages, also be careful with the font sizes as well. There needs to be more uniformity.

Do add some color to your heading texts, currently all your text is black and your headings are bigger and bold and underlined.

Also I would recommend that you check out the SEO section and see all the tips to get your website Internet friendly. In regards to page titles, keywords, site description and more.

Hope this helps.