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I'm going to be attending a small business expo next week. I'm just going for the networking option and I am a new VA who is still setting up shop, but also mostly up to taking on a couple of clients. Since this is my real local networking event, I would appreciate any advice I can get from those of you who are veterans in the business. I plan on taking lots of business cards, but I would appreciate any and all types of advice. Thank you so much!


Hi Tamara,
I'm not a veteran VA but have been going to some local networking events for a couple of months. The cards are great of course, but also be sure to have your 'what my business does' spiel down. I would also be prepared to explain what a VA is. Good luck and have fun!


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Tamara, one of the things I am in the process of compiling is a business information packet which will include a tri-fold brochure that will include much of our contact information, a 5x7 postcard that lists our core competencies, and our business cards in an envelope with our logo and phone number on it.


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Your 30 second commercial perfected. Call to action for sure and go with the goal of helping other not how they can help you.


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Hi Tamara! I'm just checking in to see how your event went?
Were you able to make any new connections or contract any new clients as a result?

I'd love to hear more about your experience!


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Thanks for checking on me! It was an interesting experience. There were lots of exhibitors selling their wares, but I did connect with one person that is a website designer and lives close to me. We met for coffee a couple of days later and and hope to help each other out by exchanging recommendations. She has only been in business a year herself. I went in to basically ask owners what they needed help with and didn't expect to actually get a client. It was more for the experience and practice. I'm glad that I went. I think each time you do things that are a little out of your comfort zone it helps you take the next step and builds confidence.