Newbie from Wisconsin


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Hi all,

So grateful there is a forum for VA's, I am just wrapping up my business plan, and was searching info on equipment needed for a home-based VA business. I am really excited, should be by January 09 that things get off and running. So glad to be here and look forward to meeting you soon.:happydance:
Welcome! What part of Wisconsin are you from? I'm from the Milwaukee area. You will find a ton of wonderful information on this site and everyone is so helpful!


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Hello and welcome to the forum.

I am also new to the forums this week. Isn't it great? I am also new to the VA world, but not to the administrative world. I am very are you or so it sounds. What do you think was the hardest part about forming a business plan and finding your niche?

I am a Racine, Wisconsin native and then moved to Florida, now I am back in north in Indianapolis.

Good Luck to you.


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Hi there, welcome to the forums :)
How exciting - you're getting close to your launch date! Just a few weeks to go...

Be sure to keep us posted on your progress so we can celebrate with you when you open your virtual doors!
Hi there and welcome to the group! :welcome:
Best of luck to you on your new and exciting venture. Let us know if there is anything we can help you with.