Newbie VA!

Hello Everyone!
I'm Nicole Humble, and I just opened my "Virtual" doors the end of March. I've been in the administrative industry for the past 15 years and have always had the desire to be my own boss. January 1st of this year I made the decision to marry the two and hence my VA business was born. I only have one client so far, but it's an amazing feeling to even just have one, haha! I'm definitely thankful for this forum and the community that it provides. I'm feeling a bit lost now and I will especially need help with the social media/marketing side of the business.
Thank you in advance to everyone that contributes and takes the time to help newbies like me!
Hey Nicole;

I know exactly how you feel, overwhelmed! I have been working on launching my VA business for over two years now (have to keep my other job while doing so). I finally formed my LLC and joined a local business association and am starting to market. Definitely sepping out of my comfort zone. Like you, the social media/marketing arena is foreign to me so I bought the book - "The Social Media Advantage" by Holly Berkley & Amanda Walter which I have found very helpful.

I'm blessed with some good contacts and actually have my first client. We worked together at my "day job" and her real estate business is taking off so here we go!

Hang in there and keep plugging. I also am very thankful for all of the support of this forum. Good luck and keep us posted!
Welcome, Nicole! And congratulations on already getting your first client! VAF is definitely a wonderful place for advice, direction, and motivation. I wish you much success!

Deanna, glad to hear someone else has taken as long as I have to get things rolling. I've also been researching and getting everything set up for close to 2 years now while I continue to work my corporate job. I plan to open my doors in the next few weeks. Hopefully I will also soon have my first client!
Thank you both Deanna and Wendy for the warm welcome! We have a lot in common...I too am still working full time in my "corporate" job. It's a lot, but will be well worth it in the end I hope! I was lucky enough that my life/business coach needed to replace her VA right when I was opening my door. That's how I got my one and only client. I guess everything happens for a reason.
Deanna, thank you for the suggestion about the book. I need it. I need to figure out how to link a facebook group opt in through Mailchimp to my client's website??

If I can be of any help to either of you please reach out. I know we're all in the same boat, but I'm sure we've each had different experiences so far.

Here we go!!
How is everything going Nicole? It's been a few months and I hope things are progressing well for you. I actually signed my first client about a month ago and I'm excited. Good luck and let us know how things are.