Niche/Target list on website?


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Do you outline who you work with on your website? I feel like doing that may deter people who want to use your services and you are equipped to serve. But if they see a specific list of people and they don't fall into it, they may not even inquire. Any thoughts on this?

p/s I'm a newbie so don't have a "usual" clientele to speak of. I'm just building my site and wondering
I put a list of things that I can assist with, but also have a statement that says to contact me if they need assistance and the service is not listed. If I can't help them, I can probably find someone that can help them!


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Hey Virtual Rox,
I totally understand your concern but actually it's important to find a niche. I specialize in working with Health and Wellness professionals but I have many different types of clients now.

Think about what you believe in and who do you want to be working with/for. You'll can always change your mind and direction of your work in the future.

Leslie Teixeira

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You can also have a separate page on your website dedicated to your niche market and explain in depth how you can assist them. i.e. Have a "general admin" page/tab and an "insert your niche customer here" page/tab. Or even a "Services" tab with a drop down so they can select whichever one is appropriate.

I like the idea of addressing your niche market as they will hopefully make up the majority of your customers.

Best of luck to you!