Odesk/Upwork and other freelance sites?

Brandi Walton

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Hi all! I was wondering if anyone here found Odesk/Upwork to be a good starting place for getting clients? I've seen some older posts where a few VAs found it to be a good starting place for getting clients. I've looked at a few jobs on there but most jobs have 40+ applicants, and majority of them are people with an average hourly rate of under $5/hour.


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Its not worth it. People claim to find decent stuff on there from time to time, but a lot of virtual assistants that work there are taking MUCH LESS than their hourly rate. If that floats your boat, then do it, but it doesn't work for me so I'm not going to.

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There has been quite a bit of conversation through the years on this site regarding Odesk, Elance and other sites which promote overseas talent at a fraction of the fees we charge here in the US.

Some VAs take the work from these sites to gain experience but in the end, many just do that short-term realizing their talents can be utilized in a greater capacity while charging their own feees instead of someone dictating what they should make.

Use the search button on the upper right hand corner of the site for Odesk and Elance and you can read what others have posted.




I have seen some VAs be successful on there, at least in the beginning but I dont know how much they are making. I was never successful on there but I think it was because my quotes were probably higher than what most people were used to on there.


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I tried going on those sites but like you VA's said the wage is not worth my time. But if someone finds Success on there I wish you the best, but it is not for everybody. Good Luck


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Would like to add to this thread by first saying that I do use Upwork (aka Odesk) and have been there off and on for 5 years. There are things one should know if you want to succeed there, such as knowing the platform and understanding the community.

Having said this, Upwork does not have the kind of support that VAF does.

To succeed as a VA, knowing how to start working as a VA is the tricky part. Upwork doesn't really have a system for that. They say they do, but it's not true.

Upwork is great if you want hands-on training, billing management, and a huge client base. I would recommend the site only if you prepare first.

Understand how to be a good VA first by using the great resources VAF has. When I joined Upwork, I had no clue, even with all of my corporate experience. If I had been part of VAF, I would have been in business for myself way, way sooner.

It's true that there is competition on Upwork. These days however, it's less about the 3rd world users. If you know what your doing, it will show when you reach out to prospective clients. There are a lot of US clients on Upwork who will pay very good money for US, native English speakers.

Which is how I got started 5 years ago, because back then, there were more 3rd world users, and just as many clients as now looking for users in the US. I got jobs easily once I understand the system because I marketed myself as a US, native English speaker.

Of course, this depends on what services you offer as a VA. Some niches are better then others on all the different freelancing sites. Upwork is good for long term work and VA jobs that involve long term gigs. Be aware Elance is owned by Upwork and is going bye-bye in less then 2 years.


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I used to use those sites awhile ago when I first got started. I never had any luck getting a job from there. A lot of the clients posting jobs there are looking for the cheapest bid in my opinion.


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Since I'm trying to get started, I've been looking at Upwork quite a bit. I'm not really having any luck, though. Like Jennifer said, most of what I'm seeing is from people who are just looking for the lowest bidder. They aren't really looking for quality.


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Hi..Phyllis here.

I help Wantedz out with their support and have seen a large number of VA type jobs being listed over the past few months so thought i would quickly mention it here. Might be worth a look?

Cheers Phyllis