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I feel like I"m stuck in a loop. I hate taking jobs off eLance, etc. BUT, I also do not want to advertise locally as I do private insurance work in my area. I don't really want those two confused or to mingle, if that makes any sense. Point being: I feel like I bid on these jobs in an attempt to make money while not really knowing how else to advertise online. I have tried Craigslist, and I try to stay active on boards such as this one. In place of not just cold e-mailing and calling people, where in the world do you advertise just online to get clients?!? :confusion:


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Manta is an online free site where you can post your business. Have you thought about the Yellow Pages or another directory? SalesSpider is another free site you can advertise on. Those are the ones I know of. Also


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1. Craigslist just gets you spam and fake jobs that lead nowhere.
2. Elance and ODesk don't work well because they choose the lowest priced bids not the quality bids of good VAs like us...

I market online through other avenues, get FB ads, LinkedIn ads, etc... It's well worth it.


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Try PeoplePerHour I'm really happy with them, I hate Odesk and Elance you are underpaid for what you do.


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I do not do Elance, ODesk or Craigslist. Not my target market or ideal client. First you should figure out where your ideal client hangs out and then be active there.

If you do not want to network in your community your best bet is to go online and try to make connections through social media, discussion groups, VA job boards, etc.


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Kristin, you've had success with FB/LinkedIn ads? I was considering that but wasn't sure if the payoff would be worthwhile. I know it depends on my niche market, but I mean worthwhile in general.


I agree with Leedrozak, First identify your targeted audience and then start marketing. To get online clients, you can go for Direct mail marketing. With this technique you can get a quick response. It will increase the leads as well as sales. I have done direct mail campaign with the help of Leadmonkey for my business and got good results. You can also go for SMS marketing, and social media promotion on the relevant groups. These will also help you.


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I also agree with Lee. I am in the process of starting my first marketing campaign and will concentrate on my target market. As soon as my website is ready, I'll start with a direct mailout, blogging, SEO, social media & PPC. I'm also in the process of doing a business card and brochure for networking events and maybe even a local mail drop to businesses. I'll have to make a concerted effort to get in the habit of spending at least an hour each day on marketing too.