Oops I Never Intro'd


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Hi! I've been on here for a few months, and I just realized I've never introduced myself. I'm terrible at introductions. :)

My name is Amanda, I have 2 beautiful daughters & 1 handsome little man. I'm ex-military, married to the military. I homeschool my oldest daughter in the morning, and work on my business in the afternoon.

I'm wanting to work with artistic, creative, quirky, or right-brain people...I grew up surrounded by writers, photographers, artists, etc., so I'm used to their particular needs.

I'm not really sure what else someone might want to know about me, but ask me anything. :)

P.S. I'm new to this, and wanting to learn all I can, so advise away. :)

Office Goddess

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Hi, Amanda. :) I've already seen you all over the boards and am glad you are jumping right in to get involved. I'm sure we'll get to know you better as time goes by just by reading your posts. :ihih:

Riley VA

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Hi Amanda, I agree with Lily, I have seen you utilizing the boards for awhile now. Good for you, that is what VAF is all about. Welcome to VAF (officially). Wishing you much success with your business.


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Hi Amanda, welcome! :)
I've also seen you around and am happy to learn more about you and your business goals.

I'll look forward to chatting more with you on the forums and wish you much success in reaching your business goals!