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Hello there,

So I am trying to come up with a good tagline/slogan. I will probably use a few of these lines in different areas. I would appreciate any feedback.

To let you know a little about myself, I am a "Muse-of-all-trades" with skills in multiple areas but mostly admin, with a focus on opening up space for my clients to have more time for inspiration. My ideal clients are creative, fun and inspirational entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed by their business needs. You can visit my website at if you want to get a better feel of my business.

If you go on my website do you think that I need something else to make it clear I do VA work (Like under the "A Muse Assisting Logo") ?
Perhaps something along the lines of:
“A Muse Assisting - Virtual Assistant Services”
"A Muse Assisting - Virtual Business Solutions”
“A Muse Assisting - Creative Business Solutions”
“A Muse Assisting - Business solutions for creative and inspiring entrepreneurs”
“A Muse Assisting - Business solutions with a touch of inspiration” (I do plan on posting like inspirational photos/quotes, blogs, tips on creativity, etc.)

Whether you think its needed or not, which would be your favorite/least favorite?

Here are some possibilities for taglines/slogans and catchphrases
I have a bit of a “tag line” already on my website but I’m not sure how it works as a tagline exactly. Let me know your thoughts.
(I may just keep it anyway as part of the banner in addition to a tagline).

Current Tag Line:
“Get Clear, Reclaim your Genius, Stay Inspired”

Possible Tag Lines:
Unblocking your Genius one task at a time
Unclogging your Genius one task at a time (my husband says unclogging sounds dirty and reminds him of plumbing but I also think it’s kind of fun because I get a visual of a head with a plunger to its ear.)
Unlocking your Genius one task at a time
any one of the above but adding + "one annoying task at a time"
any one of the above but adding + "one boring task at a time"
any one of the above but adding + "one uninspiring task at a time"

I'm also thinking about possible switching between a few of them since they are very similar (so maybe when you reload my site its different, but is will still be "Un-[something] your Genius one [Something] task at a time"

Your thoughts?


I like "A Muse Assisting - Creative Business Solutions" and for your tag line, "Unlocking your Genius one task at a time." "Unclogging" made me think of plumbing services too!


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Hello Aurora,

I like the "A Muse Assisting - Virtual Business Solutions". For your current tagline, the "Get Clear" sounds like an acne promotion, but I like the common string of Genius and Stay Inspired. For a new tagline, I really like the "Unlocking your Genius one task at a time" Which lets me know, you're here to knock out my to-do list and help me achieve my goals.

So maybe "Unlock your Genius, Reclaim your time, Stay inspired". I would pick a tagline and stick to it, but I'm a stickler for consistency.

VN Linda

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I like the Unlocking your Genius one task at a time - but to be honest the next parts :

"one annoying task at a time"
"one boring task at a time"
"one uninspiring task at a time"

All have negative connotations in my mind and your clients may feel the same

I like what Genuine Sunshine suggests with your "Unlock your Genius, Reclaim your time, Stay inspired" and also to keep tag line same rather than changing but again I am also stickler for consistency. what you have on the website with this looks and reads great i would consider keeping as it is


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Thank you all so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it!

The reason for the change is someone said it was hard to get a sense of what I do right off the bat when visiting my website, and when I look at it really quick I wonder if people think I am some sort of coach or other type of support rather than admin/VA, (this is from initial response obviously if you read into the services you know). And that is what the "unlock your genius one task at a time" would hopefully help clear up.

Do any of you feel the same?

Donna - Thanks! I wouldn't mind so much to use it as a metaphor for unneeded junk stuck in your head's not a pretty metaphor ha, so I guess I will steer away from "unclogging". Any further connected metaphors will just be gross.

With "Creative Business Solutions" I wonder if it makes it sounds like 'Solutions for creative businesses' or 'creative solutions for businesses'. Most of my work isn't that creative (I think, since its mostly admin), so it should be the former (though maybe it can go both ways because I'd like to offer some creative services).

Sunshine - thank you for your reply! I never thought of it resembling an acne commercial, that's a new one. I hear it a lot when it comes to coaches like "get clear on your goals" (who will make up half of my ideal clients but I also have to think about the non-coach half).
Thank you for the tagline idea, I'm going to Muse on it! I like it, I just gotta let it sink in a little.

Linda - Thanks for letting me know. I mean they are supposed to technically be negative because for you (as the client) you find these tasks annoying or no fun. But it still sounds too negative when I read it again cause even I wouldn't want to be like "Hey thanks for that annoying task you sent me". I was trying to find a quick way of saying "A task that isn't in your genius", heh. So I guess if I use it it will just be "one task at a time" unless I think of anything else.
Thanks for the compliments on the website, I am so glad to hear that. I will generally be keeping it as it but wanted to make these minor changes for the reason listed above (someone saying it wasn't obvious what I did at first look, I want to be sure people get it right away).

To all: It seems like "Unlock your genius" has the majority vote but I wonder if it still blurs the line between VA or some other support, as that is what my current worry is.

And consistency it is! I've seen the changing tag line done well on other sites and it was a cute touch but I think majority has it here and the tag lines arn't worth it in this case.

Personally, I think that Unblocking might work better with my visuals and metaphors that I use so I may go with that, but it seems pretty close to unlocking (and definitely far from unclogging). But I have got good feed back to think about it further.

Thank you all again!!


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As my direct tag line (like under my signature) I would have

Helping you Unlock (or unblock) your Genius, Reclaim your time, Stay inspired one task at a time.

(Sorry, I'm a stickler for tiny details hehe).

And any thoughts on it being "one delegated task at a time" ? or is that too much/boring?

VN Linda

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Hi Aurora

Your tag lines from last week with the boring etc popped into my head for some reason early today and I thought possibly a better word for those jobs no one wants to really do would be mundane its not negative to the client

I do like Unlock rather than Unblock also

Let us know what you eventually settle on nice


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Hi Linda,

Thanks for thinking of me! I will continue to muse on it, but I think I'm just going to rid of the extra word. Still feels similar to calling it boring. And nothing really reads "A task thats 'NOT YOU/Not in your genius'"

Hm...I wonder why everyone likes Unlock over Unblock. I may just have to try them both out. Anyone want to chime in on the reasoning for the preference?

I personally feel unblock works with my copy as I talk about obstacles and even in my photo I feel like I am unlocking the light bulb. While unlock is hard for me to connect is visually and it feels more like a self help thing, like unlocking your potential, or your inner being..etc. I would love to hear the other side of it to maybe help me see the connection/see it from a different perspective.

Thanks :)

Leslie Teixeira

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Hi Aurora!

You've had some great feedback so far, I thought I'd chime in too. :seeya:

I do think you could use a line under your logo to help clarify what it is you do. I personally have a hard time with "Virtual Business Solutions" as I associate it with a business coach or even IT services. I opted to go with "Virtual Administrative Solutions" myself, but I do know that many people here prefer the term Virtual Business Solutions.

I also don't know if I love "Get Clear". It's funny that GenuineSunshine said it made her think of acne treatment as that's exactly what I thought when you said Unclogging...clogged pores! Ha ha ha!

I'm with you, I like unblock. The visual on your home page also looks like you're blocking all the admin tasks so they can stay inspired. And I like how you added "Helping you...". How about, "Helping you unblock your genius, reclaim your time and stay task at a time."

Best of luck!!!!

VN Linda

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in my mind when you say unlock your genius i imagine its all there but so many other tasks to be done their genius has had to be pushed to the back of their mind (like storage room), with you coming along to help taking all the time consuming tasks away from them they can open up that storage room and bring out that genius again! Of course if unblock works for you then it's better to try with your preference first give it a trial run


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Hi Leslie!

So glad you chimed in too, thanks!!
I actually didn't get much feedback about the line under but decided to add it anyway. For ease I added it under the tag line as in "Unblock your Genius, Regain your time, Stay Inspired ...With Aurora Muse's Virtual Business Solutions". I hope that works because for the technical part, it will be kind of hard for me to add it under. (I haven't uploaded it yet. Hopefully I will have a chance to within the hour).
I like Virtual Admin Solutions as well, though I'm not sure if all I do is Admin..especially because I may want to grow away from that. hhmm...I also didn't think "business solutions" was I am glad you brought it up.

As for get clear, how funny! I totally did not see that at all until it was brought up here. As for unclogging, I'd rather you think about unclogging pores than toilettes (I think..or maybe neither is the better of the two), haha. Perhaps you thought of pores cause you had Acne on the mind from the Get Clear... I'm just glad I got rid of that! Though you know, less stress usually does mean a clearer face! :)

"Helping you unblock your genius, reclaim your time and stay task at a time." That's pretty much what I was going with but then thought its either "One task at a time" or a business title like "Virtual Business solutions" so I opted for the ladder to give a general name but I keep going back and forth. It feels like too much text with both too if I have "One Task at at a time with Aurora Muse's Virtual Business Solutions". I will continue to play with the two a little.

Ah, that's an interesting metaphor Linda. Putting your genius in storage. The only reason why I'd still pick unblock is putting something in storage is usually a choice, you put the lock on yourself. While the other way makes it feel like a messy desk and you just can't find the thing! I think I will try the unblock first since that how I feel I am serving currently but if my business shifts focus a bit I may change it. Thanks!! That helped me get an idea of how people were perceiving it.



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Ok so I went with Unblock for now and virtual business solutions and updated my bannder to fit (
I think this will work better than admin solutions now that I have re-opened my desire to focus on client relationships and gift giving, so I think further down the road I will be more about specific services such as gift giving and creating systems than general admin.

WOO!! That feels good! Thanks so much everyone for the whole discussion and for helping me in my creative process.


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I was reading yesterday about setting up a Google + page for a client. A point stood out in my my relating to choosing a tagline.

There is a space underneath the photo where one could and is encouraged to put in a "tagline". One of the benefits is supposed to be SEO which makes sense.

The takeaway for me is that in creating a tagline, SEO should be a consideration.