Question Opinions on URL/Email Name Change


Hi there, I'm going to ask for opinions on my domain name (which is also my email) as I am considering changing it before it's too late/far along and cumbersome to do so.
My business name is Hour 25 Virtual Solutions, my url: (I also own .com of the same). However, my husband who is in Marketing says I should use the shorter domain I own which is (or .com). My email is also @hour25virtualsolutions so I would have to change that which involves notifications and a records updating.
Currently I just have two active clients and of course I would have to change my information on all the groups/associations/memberships/account etc.

What do all you VA's think is better?


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Personally, I like the shorter version. However, having said that, I would hate to change everything. If you are already getting clients and it's working for you now, I would probably hold off changing anything. I'm new at this, so I may not be the best judge.


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I also like the shorter version. I have a long url and email. It is often cumbersome when trying to verbally give out url and/or email. Changing it now will be easier than waiting for later.


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If you want to attract many clients, then I think having something short and sweet is the best. It is good to have something that is easy to spell and easy to remember and is as short as possible. Also, I would use ".com" whenever possible because that is the most common form and what people most commonly search for.


From a marketing perspective, he is correct, however .. that may not be true for SEO.

If you consider the shorter route (like or .com), make sure your web copy is keyword rich for both the VA industry and for your niche services. If you're looking for short URL ideas, try out Domainr, as they also show you what domains will be available.

You can always have multiple domains that point to your main one. For example, the URL I use for everything is, however, also redirects to that page (as does

Regardless of which direction you choose, make sure that when you brand, brand using the name that you really want everyone to know (namely the full name).

If you have any questions, or want to discuss further, feel free to get in touch :)

Wishing you all the best!


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Hi there! I'm late to this conversation but I'm wondering why you can't just forward the short domain to your current website - if your branding is all settled and it's working for you but you want to use the shorter domain for email and URLs on business cards, etc. that would seem like the easiest solution.
You can also set a forward for your current email to the new email and just start using that. No need to rebrand or change anything else, unless I'm missing something?
Thanks everyone for the great info. I don't have my website yet but am getting ready to do so very soon. This is helpful since I had not thought about the length of my domain name.