Organizational Chart for VA business?


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Greetings All!

I've got a task that has me stumped. I'm taking a course with a well known VA and have to create a list of CEO-level functions.

I once heard a VA (can't remember name of VA or her company) say that she created an org chart with her name in every position and, slowly, built a team by taking her name out and putting the name of person to whom she had delegated a particular responsibility.

I thought it would be great to do this, but have no idea where/how to begin--once I've gotten an org chart template, of course. :idea:

Any suggestions?


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Are you looking for what the title of these C-level positions are, and how the reporting structure typically works?

I used to create org. charts in PowerPoint, back in the day.

If you go into PowerPoint, and click on Insert>SmartArt>Hierarchy, you should be able to devise an org. chart and create the reporting structure you want.

I hope this answers your question!


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Thanks, Laura, but I wasn't clear.

It's not the form or how to design it. It's the CONTENT that's my challenge. I'd, of course, be the CEO. I can't think of all the other 'departments' that I'd include. I came up with some obvious ones--accounting, marketing, HR--and then stalled.
Hi Lisa,
I googled "CEO job description" and found a lot of options to look at. One gave the following Key Job Tasks for CEO:
-Financial Mgmt
-HR Mgmt
-Marketing & PR
-Community Relationships
-Programmatic Effectiveness
-Fund Raising

Lots of responsibilities!


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Great minds, Melody! :)

I did the same and found a lot of options including the ones you've listed. I think I can make it through this--just needed a slight push & frozen lemonade to help the thought processes! :thumbsup: