Question Please help with my tagline!

Good Morning my creative friends!

I would really appreciate your help with my tagline. I can’t seem to come up with a combination of words that is pleasing to me. My business name is “Just Call Melody”.

I have been trying to incorporate musical words (i.e. tune, harmony, note, song, rhythm, music) into the tagline, for example:

- Harmony is just a call away
- Bringing harmony to your life and business
- Prioritize – Organize – Harmonize
- In tune with your needs

I am starting off as a Generalist, my 1st client is a Coach for whom I am doing bookkeeping & other admin tasks. My 2nd client has hired me to organize and add efficiency to a 3-person office at their site. There could be future Organizational opportunities both business and personal.

Any and all ideas would be welcomed! Thanks so much for your help.


Community Leader
Prioritize – Organize – Harmonize

Like this one however I am not sure why you want to incorporate musical words. Is there a story there?
Thanks for the feedback ladies!

Lee - I like "Prioritize – Organize – Harmonize", I plan to use it on my website even if I don't choose it for my tagline. The musical slant is just a natural association to my name - I have been given nicknames throughout my life that relate to music. I thought that it would tie it to my biz name.

I am open to any ideas though. The examples I threw out there were just rough ideas, among the 50 or so others that I have written and just don't love!