Posting Powerpoint on the forums - Question??

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Re: Powerpoint Question??

Hi Angelica,
We don't currently have a special code for embedding a PP presentation on the forums, but you could post it to your own site in whatever manner you wish and then link directly to it from here in your post.

Thanks for your question!

We are always adding new features and capabilities to the boards, so will certainly add this one to the list. :)

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I have a PowerPoint presentation as well and thought I'd pass on a tip to posting it as a video which is allowable code here on VAF.

If you download a screen converter like Camtasia from Techsmith (free for 30 days ) there is an option where a PP presentation can be converted to any media you like. Then the presentation can be uploaded as a YouTube which can be used here on VAF.

One of the reasons I use PowerPoint is that LinkedIn only takes PP presentations in their SlideShare application. It doesn't allow the use of video. So to get the most bang for my 'buck', I create the PP presentation and then use it for LinkedIn. Then convert it to video and then use the same presentation on sites which offer YouTube uploads.

Thought I'd share that.

Thanks Janine for the tip on PowerPoint. I am going to check it out. I would like to have my presentations, with all the animations, to be able to be viewed from my website. I will try your suggestions.

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Janine is spot on. That's a great tip for being able to post a powerpoint here on the forums. Posting it on SlideShare and YouTube with a great keyword rich description will also get you some search engine juice to the presentation which can lead potential clients back to your website.