Queue Etiquette/Protocol/Manners/Procedure Question

Here's the scenario: Rope Drop at Animal Kingdom, queuing up for Flight of Passage. CM's are bringing the swarm through in a rather orderly fashion. There is a group of about 5 mom friends a few people ahead of us, each mom has a minimum of 2 kiddos, and some have 3, so about a dozen kids total, all in the 5-6-7 age range. We get to the actual queue area, and the CM's ask the entire mom crew to step off to the side so the kids can get measured. In the mean time, we, along with many others, just went with the flow and continued our journey into the FOP pre-show area. protocol and etiquette training A couple of the moms that got pulled aside start berating the cast members, as well as the people who passed them in line, saying that we all should wait until they are finished measuring. What should we have done in this instance? Drop anchor or full steam ahead?