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What are the required legal documents that I am required to give to a client or that a client is required to give to me? I guess this might depend on your legal structure. I am staring as a sole proprietor.


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First and foremost you will want a signed contract. Second, if you are in the US you will need to provide your client with a W-9 for tax reporting purposes.

Also, be sure to get a EIN from the IRS so that you do not have to give anyone your SSN.


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Just wanted to add that if a client pays you more than $600 in a year they should send you a 1099 that will stipulate how much they paid you total. The client also sends one copy to the IRS to make a record of the expenditure.


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Thanks for the information Tess & Lee - I wasn't sure if I should include the 1099 with my welcome packette or send it later - I will include it when I get the signed contract now. - Great information and I didn't know the limit was $600 --- :)


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So we need to send a 1099 and a W-9? I have to work on getting my EIN ASAP! I have just been using my social security. Thanks!


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You do not need to send a 1099 to the client, just the W-9. The client is required to send you a 1099 at the end of the year (if they paid you more than $600). And yes, protect yourself by getting an EIN - very easy to do online. This will protect you from identity theft if your social security number gets into the wrong hands.


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Thank you for the clarification Cynthia! I just received my EIN number this morning. I really appreciate your help.