Sample of a Response to an RFP

Toni Thompson

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Would it be possible for someone to send me a sample of how to respond to RFP's? I am trying to get clients and I see RFP's from Virtual Assistantville but I am not sure how to respond to them. Do I send them an email? Do I attach things like my resume?

Please help!


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Thank you, I was just running into this issue today as well. From what I gather from my quick Google search, it seems like the typical way to respond is with an email that resembles a cover letter and includes details like services and rates and why you should be chosen to help them. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong, though!

Toni Thompson

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Thank you for responding, from what I can tell you are correct. I went onto YouTube and watched a video from Techie Mentor on responding to RFP's and it was really helpful and I am submitting my first RFP response today.

Your Virtual Wizard

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Sorry, I wish I had seen this earlier.

I offer free RFP Tips here on VAF that you are welcome to download.

My proposals consist of ways to make those responses stand out from all others. All proposals should be custom to the RFP. Ask yourself 'What next?' when you send the proposal. You may not secure the opportunity but sending a proposal can always be a way to connect with new clients in the future.

Please let me know how you did with your proposal. Good Luck!



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I missed it too Janine! :)
I think it's great that y'all are using Google to find answers but Janine is right and I don't think a 'typical response' is what is going to win you the client's interest or the contract!

There is a great eBook on how to handle RFPs like a pro - it comes with templates to help you draft your response AND tons of tips to help you make sure you stand head and shoulders above all the other VAs responding to an RFP - check it out here (note, I did not author this book but another VA colleague who I respect greatly did - Janine! :) ) And do grab those free tips Janine mentioned too!

Yesenia Ortega

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I don't attach my resume because I'm not looking to be anyone's employee. I do however send them an email indicating the process that I follow to be able to best help them with link to a customized client questionnaire, which will then be followed by a free consultation call. I use the information on the questionnaire to learn more about the client, their business, their needs, and prepare questions for the consultation call. And then I go from there. I hope that helps. If you need any more ideas or want to see what my questionnaire looks like just send me an email via my website: I'm happy to help!