Sharing Availability Schedule


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In a previous post I read multi-va firms get frustrated because of subcontractors availability. How are you sharing or communicating your schedules with the contractors? Share your suggestions and tools.


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My opinion, Google calendar all the way. It's online, easy to create custom calendars that can be shareable.


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I too use Google calendar and the best part is that you can set up an "appointment" calendar that lists your available and updates the calendar as your schedule fills. I use this to book consultations with clients too.
Count me in as another user of Google Calendar. In addition to what has been said, you can create multiple calendars in one account and share only specific calendars with members of your team, etc. I use it regularly.


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Great to know guys. This will be something I share with my fellow subcontractors. We're always looking for ways to improve.
I'll second (third?) Google Calendar. Besides the fact that it's free, well-known, and available to everyone, it's nice because it's so easy. All it takes to use is a log-in and a few minutes of practice. It doesn't require any particular technical skill or software experience, so whether your subcontractors are IT people, paralegals, graphic designers, proofreaders, project managers, etc., they can all stay up to date without much difficulty.

Slightly off topic, but it proves my point--This is exactly the reason we are incorporating Google Calendar into our church's new website. There are only a few people on the communication committee who have any skills with web coding, but there will be multiple church committees, clubs, classes, community groups, who want their upcoming events, meetings, etc. published online. Google Calendar is easy enough for *everyone*--even the ones who aren't especially comfortable with Internet at all--to keep the schedule updated without needing help from those few.
I couldn't get Google calendar to work on my site. It kept showing the details of my calendar no matter what settings I chose. I do still use Google calendar, but on my website I have been using Tungle.