Question So many courses!

Ben Jones

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Hi all,

I have found a number of different websites that offer VA courses to help you get started, however, whilst it's easy to get positive reviews from the VA community, are there any that should be avoided or have bad reputations?

Of course, feel free to recommend good ones to look into! :)


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Hi Ben!
Well I'm partial to the course we developed around the Become a Virtual Assistant eBook here at VAF, naturally :) You can check out all of the awesome reviews for the course and more complete info about what it incudes here.

I'm not inclined to speak badly about anyone else's course that might be out there - but I will say this - you need to look at what's offered and what the feedback online is. If the course is built around offering a 'certification' - well you need to be pretty sure that that little badge is going to mean something to your clients. Most important is - will it give you a good foundation for what you need where YOU'RE at in YOUR business.

Our Jumpstart course is a great foundational course and even some established VAs have gone through it to help strengthen their business foundation - but if you're really making a living as a virtual assistant already then it's best to look at a course that will expand a skill or service so you can better serve clients and command a higher price.

I hope that helps!

Ben Jones

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Thanks Tess, that is a really great help thank you!!

It looks just like the thing I was hoping for and has been confirmed by the reviews!