Starting out from the beaches of PEI

Hi there! It's a sunny 21 degrees C here today on PEI, and I'm heading to the pool soon with my two kids. Life is good :)

I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Jessica Caseley, and I work full time outside of the house, but I recently started a part time VA business, The Agile Assistant.

I'm currently taking on new clients, and attempting to do so with very little budget. Social media to the rescue, haha!

I'm looking forward to meeting new people and learning a lot from the pros on this forum.

Thanks for taking the time to read, have a fantastic day!

Your Virtual Wizard

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Hello and Welcome to VAF, Jessica!

I had to look up PEI and determined that was Prince Edward Island in Canada. So I learned something right out of the gate from you!

I look forward to hearing more about your business. Who your ideal client may be and what types of services you will offer.

Best to you!

Yes, we are on the east coast of Canada! Thank you for the welcome!

I guess my ideal client would be someone who had a clear picture of what their goals are, and is capable of trusting someone like me to help them succeed. That might be too vague, but I'll blame it on just starting out!

I'd like my services to focus on social media management and content marketing. I want to help people grow their websites and bring in leads or sales!

Your Virtual Wizard

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No need to blame...thinking about your ideal client is imperative to success. And narrowing down that person in that industry will really help jumpstart your business as you will know exactly who to market to and what it is that you can do to meet their needs.

Many potential clients do not always know what their needs may be and I consider it my job to educate and consult them on what strategies to take. Consulting is a big part of my VA business.

It is always easiest of course if you can attract a client who knows everything that needs to be done and all they need is for you to implement that. However, even with this type of client, as time goes on and they develop trust in your skills, you can suggest better ways to do something thus adding more to your services portfolio.

So you are interested in marketing using social media? Many potential clients will be interested in that service. Once you determine what type of client will need your services, this will be helpful when you put your own website together. Once you gain the interest of that client in social media and your blog, for example, and they click back to your site, they will see what it is you can do to solve their problems.


I should come up with a few buyer personas, and try speaking to them. I would advise my potential clients to do the same, so I should probably follow my own advice haha

I do have a website I created focusing on the core areas: virtual assistant, social media specialist, project manager. I just launched it last week. It's a work in progress, and I'm trying to build the blog out. (Any feedback or constructive criticism is welcome!)