Subcontracted individual - questions

I've done work for another VA and have just billed per project, with my 20% VA discount given and a contract executed however I did not request downpayment. They will be sending me a check. I think a retainer package might work best for both parties. Request feedback if you all require a downpayment even for fellow VA's or how this process typically goes?

Thank you

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Personally, I would not have a separate set of policies for a fellow VA than I would for any other type of clients, except of course the discount.

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If the work is for a project, I request 50% up front with a signed contract. I use the same contract I use for clients.

If the work is for ongoing work, I require a one month deposit and one month retainer along with a signed contract. I apply the deposit to the last month's work with 30 days' termination of the contract.

I feel a VA is a client and should be treated as such.

I have been in situations where I have paid the VA upfront and the work was not done. While an unfortunate situation which was eventually rectified, I have learned that a VA contract is no different than a client contract and should be held to the same policies.



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Normally I don't care to take a retainer because my fellow VAs may not always know if they need my subcontract services continuously. It depends on their client base if they have the work coming in. I could see asking for an initial deposit to get started and you can apply to their first billing. It's a matter of preference, no right or wrong way to do it.
Thanks for your feedback. I was asking because I took on and completed a couple projects for another VA and did not ask for a retainer or deposit. I am still waiting on payment for the projects. I did not take a retainer because I was trying to help this VA out as well as obtain some "VA" experience - it was kind of a win-win for both of us.