Targeted marketing?


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I'm in sales on a daily basis, but since it's insurance, I can target anyone as my audience. Since the business I am wanting to open will cater to insurance business clients on my end, how do I successfully target market myself to only those people with out seeming "Scammy" or too much like SPAM? I have considered e-mailing or calling, but I am suspicious of people who approach me with business. I much prefer to seek out my own. What's the best way to approach this? :skep:


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You can still email or call them but use a unique approach. First off what services are you going to be offering them. After deciding that then target them that you are familiar with the industry understand their pain points and can think like they do. Ask for a meet or time to talk to them more in depth. Offer to send them info to review in anticipation of meet.

Basically do an initial touch to ask them for their time then discuss their needs and how you can help them.


I agree that to target the audience mail marketing is the best way , though it is getting old but yet a powerful and simple way to promote a business and reach to the audience.