Time it takes to transcribe an hour

Simone, Sorry for taking so long to reply! No I think it worth that price personally and have been considering raising my rates on transcription, but currently I charge $85 per audio hour. I feel it is worth more though. I started charging that rate because I had not done transcription in almost 20 years so thought it was best to offer a lower rate until I could improve my skills. But after seeing what others are charging I am seriously considering making a rate change. I'm glad you are getting them and I've seen others getting great rates as well. -Rhonda


"as I charge per audio minute and not on the time it takes"

what does this mean, what's the difference?

They're 3 basic ways you can charge:
1.) per audio hour - if the audio file is 1 hour long then you would charge for 1 audio hour
2.) per audio minute - if the audio file is 1 hour long then you would charge for 60 audio minutes
3.) per hour - you would charge your hourly rates

An audio hour / audio minute versus an hour or minute is audio time is the actual length of the audio file as opposed to an hour / minute is actual hours / minutes it takes you to transcribe it.

Hope that helps. -Rhonda
You're welcome and thank you! By the way what is your name? You should consider putting your first name in your signature so we know who you are.


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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the valuable information! After a couple of years since I had the idea to start my own VA business, I am finally about to launch and transcription is one of the services I will offer, and the information in this thread is giving me confidence and also some guidance about what to try for my rates. Thank you! :)