I would say find your target market on twitter and start following people. Hpefully they will follow you back. Then just make sure to send out informative tweets to them. Also to find clients, search keywords like "virtual assistant" or whatever specific service you provide. You will often find someone looking for services that way. I tried that a few weeks ago and it worked. There were a few people looking for General VA's but I wasn't interested in those positions, ie outbound calls, etc.


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I'm still learning about Social Media in regards to my business. Really you can find jobs on Twitter? When I type in Virtual Assistant I just get a bazillion Virtual Assistants (many from this forum, they are making use of Twitter). Am I doing something wrong?


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Anyone wanting to know how to market their VA biz using Twitter should talk to Michelle Mangen. She is great at using the social media channel to expand her reach.


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Susan, try typing in something that has to do with your target audience/niche. Such as "bookkeeping" or "real estate agents" or something of that sort. It may take a little bit to actually find the correct people to follow such as Real Estate Agents, but follow them. Then tailor your tweets so that they would be interested in your services.

Michelle Mangen

VAF Virtual Assistant Jumpstart Course Instructor
Miss Chelsea, Lee is correct. I absolutely love Twitter and almost every client came as a direct result of a relationship I built there (not to mention all of the other great VAs I am now connected with). It's the one social network I make sure I get onto daily.


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Wow interesting Michelle... Twitter is the one I don't "get" all that well. I'm reading a book on social media now so I hope it clues me in a bit. However not really even having my business open yet, I taking them one at a time and trying to figure out how I can use them.


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Yes, A warm shout out to Michelle. She's has great experience and I've learned from her.

I actually want to share that I have a possible interview next week due to Twitter and I was contacted today by another possible client from Twitter.



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That is very interesting Michelle. I got my first client from twitter and all the rest are from LinkedIn, but I think I need to go back and see my luck in twitter...
Hi All,
I read a great article today which explains the basics of using twitter along with tips on how to implement it as a marketing tool for your business. I found it to be very helpful. I appreciate the easy to understand information!
Please take a look here.