VA/Small Business Must Haves


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I'm really enjoying reading everyone's contributions to this thread. I'm making a note to pick up an external hard drive.

For me, my "must haves" are:
1. Computer
2. High-speed internet
3. Headset


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All of the items listed here are essentials, from the pen & paper all the way to QuickBooks, Gmail, and organizational skills. But there are two things that I find to be essentials for me, and they are a large 29" or larger monitor screen and a place to call my own where no one can enter unless invited. The large monitor allows me to view application side-by-side without having to squint to look or switch back and forth to compare information. The place to call my own restricts others from coming into my space and claiming items that I might need at a moment's notice.


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I have an ergonomic chair, a flash drive not external hard drive because I use the cloud storage which is good for me.