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I just started my biz. I am still in the beginning stages. I am not sure what kind of forms or contracts I will need. Can someone offer me some suggestions. Also does anyone where I can find some wether free or for a fee.

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Welcome to Virtual Assistant Forums.

Contracts and Forms are available to members on this site provided the member posts at least 25 times. You have one post, so you would need 24 more posts in order to access the document library.

The document and contract library here is rather good and it is free to participating members.

If you are looking for contracts which you can pay for, I would suggest you Google 'virtual assistant contracts' and any number of options should appear.

If you have any questions, please post back and we'll be glad to help you out.

Looking forward to seeing you here on the boards. Be sure to fill out your profile so we know who you are.




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Re: VA Forms

Thank you soo much, i foound a few websites and i was not really sure wich sites were good, but i guess i will be posting more to see what is offered


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I started on the workbook and this morning I was doing the business plan it's a great resource I also recommended it on LinkedIn.


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Also a newbie. Thanks for the information. Looking forward to following the links. The forum is so informative. Wish I had began using it sooner. Good luck everyone. :)


My Business coach reccomends keeping things as simple as possible.


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I am a newbie as well and have found so much wonderful information here on the forums, everyone is so helpful and welcoming. I have slowed down my opening process because there is more than I thought to learn and I want to "open my doors" the right way the first time. Good luck to you and as you have time just read and read these forums, they help a lot!


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I'm really looking forward to being able to access the document library. I bet there are some gems that will come in very handy.
Thanks for this info. it is very helpful. I am now looking to get my contracts and forms in place so this is good information to know that I can use right away. Thanks!


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Thank you for the links. I also need to get contracts and forms in order.
I love this forum! I have been able to find so many helpful posts.


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Thanks for all the great links! These will definitely come in handy, I'm going to start on the workbook and hopefully be able to look into the forms more soon.