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Hello Virtual Lovers!!!

My name is Janie. A week ago while googling 'extra income' I can across the idea of Virtual Assistant and fell in love with it. Every since, at any given moment, I would have at least 10 pages open trying to get info on it.

Let me tell you a little bit about me. I am 25 years old. I am a single parent of 2, my daughter Autumn is 4 years old (going on 14) and my son Shakur is 7 (he will be entering the 2nd grade in August and his reading level is border line 3rd grade...sooo proud).

In January, 4 days before my birthday, I was laid off. I was expecting it and was not mad when it happened. Five months and 2 extremely expensive (but totally worth it) vacations later, my savings is getting low. I refuse to get a job working myself to death for very little pay. No jobs are offering what my previous employer did. Because of the economy, employer’s salary offers are extremely low and people accepting it because they think that ' something is better than nothing.' NOT ME!!! I refuse to have my skills and qualifications devalued.

Long story short, I have worked in the clerical and healthcare field for the last 7 years. I hope to establish a virtual service business and have my business cards ordered mid July. So I have roughly 45 days to learn the business and be ready to get out and start networking. ANY and EVERY bit of advice you can offer is welcomed. I am at square one. Does anyone have a checklist of things to jump start my business venture?

Thanks in advance!!!


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Hello and welcome to the board! This is a great place to start, which is also need to formulate a business plan, get a tax id number, set up a website, have a virtual phone and fax number. These things you need to do at the start of your business. My advice to you, is to be patient, and don't get discouraged, especially if clients aren't knocking on your doorsteps. I am a newbie VA myself, actually I don't have any clients, and I started my business a year ago in May, but I kind of took a sabatical from October 2008 until now, and now I am back to networking and working on obtaining clients- which is the hardest part to becoming a VA- good luck in your venture- and I hope you enjoy this forum- the people on this forum are great for advice and support!

~ Rhonda


I forgot to mention that I am from Connecticut...anyone else?


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Welcome to the VA forums! I am in the same situation you are. Overwhelmed at what I need to do. One thing I would suggest is to start reading everything you can in the forums. I know there is a lot of information stored within. Good luck on your new business venture!


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Hi Janie, welcome :)
The best advice I can offer you is to spend your time reading through the various topic sections, taking notes and asking questions. Starting your own business as a VA is a process - so honor that and take your time.

Wishing you much success!


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Welcome Janie! :welcome: Congratulations on your new venture! You are in the right place for information regarding your VA practice, so just read, read, read. Check out other VA's sites to get an idea :idea: of what those who came before have done, and keep on keepin' on!

Welcome Janie,

It can be quite overwhelming when you're just starting out - all I can suggest is read everything that you possibly can and if you can't find answers to some of your questions, there always people on here who will know - so post away!

Another thing you could consider, is to sub-contract to another VA in the interim whilst waiting to land your first clients. This is a great way to start earning money and get some valuable experience under your belt.

Good luck!

Melissa Williscroft
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Hi Janie,
and welcome to the forums! As the others have said, you will definitely find lots of great information here. Everyone is very friendly and always willing to offer advice. I agree with the others that research at this stage is the most important thing you could be doing. There are also lots of great books out written by very successful VA's you may want to check out.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!


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Hello and welcome! Like you I just kind of stumbled across the boards and idea of VA and I was hooked! There are many things that I have done, but also many things that I still have left to do. Everyone here is so great and very informative.
My best advice right now is to just explore the boards and ask questions. We'll be learning together! :)
Best of luck to you and your business! :seeya: