Website: Did You Create Your Own or Outsource?

Did You Create Your Website or Hire The Job Out?

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Hello! I have zero experience in website design/development, but self-taught myself enough to get a WordPress site set up with my domain name and have put some content in there, but it needs a lot more work to look appealing and professional, and that's where I'm lost. I've been looking for work on Elance, so decided to post a request for help and got lots of responses. I've hired someone, but am having a hard time even telling him what I want. I've basically told him about the business, showed him some sites I liked, told him a few specific things I need (social media buttons, an email list generator, etc.) and kind of told him to run with it. Not sure how it's going to work out, but I'm just a little frustrated that even hiring out the work I feel overwhelmed! Just curious who out there designed their own website and who hired it done, and how daunting a project was it for you? Having a website that I'm proud of is step #1 before I can do anything else in terms of marketing. Just curious to hear if anyone else was as frustrated by this task as I am and if you have any suggestions. Thanks!



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I made my own website. I spent some time learning WordPress and created on my own site using iThemes themes.


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I build websites so I built my own. There are a lot of great themes for ppl that don't know coding in WordPress. If you are having difficulty and don't want to use elance , I would spend time going through various WP themes until you find one that you like. WP is pretty user friendly.


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I won a website build 4 years ago when I was writing parenting articles for regional parenting mags and absolutely loved my site - I was so new to all of the online adventure. And I knew NOTHING about WordPress, etc.

So I knew that I'd have to start saving and "got in line" to work with Ron Doyle at Waterday Media again. He does beautiful work and I love my And to be honest, my hubby asked me more than once why was I spending so much money on my site? However, since then, I've had a lot of people contact me to ask about my VA services.

I'm NOT saying that you have to spend a lot - but I am saying that your site needs to look professional and it needs to represent who you are as an VA and as an individual.

I've done both, building more than a handful of my own sites and outsourcing the construction of sites, and I'd definitely choose outsourcing the construction of the site.

I think its useful to have a basic working knowledge of Wordpress, but your time is better spent building your business, not building your site.

Here's the best tip I have for you: capture a screenshot (or better yet, video) of 4-5 sites that you really like using tools like Camtasia or QuickTime. Detail what you like and what you dislike about those sites and send that to your developer to give him or her a great idea of what design to use for your site.

Good Luck!


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I would agree with George that one needs to carefully manage where one spends time. If building a website is interesting and exciting to you, than maybe it is worth it. Wordpress sites are quick and relatively simple to use. However it may be easy to have someone do the initial leg work and give you a quick training on how to take it from there. In doing so, you may receive a more robust site void of glitches and errors that might result from a beginner's effort.

Also think about how you may wish to scale your site. Will you need to conduct payment options, or implement electronic forms or other more complex pieces in future? Ensure the platform you choose enables such growth and flexibility so you don't get stuck recreating in future.

Good luck!

monique rice

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I plan on outsourcing the construction of my site, since I don't have much experience with website design. I think having a professional and user friendly website is so important in building a business.


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I built my own for the joint venture with my son's VA business. My old career was website design so it saved a lot of money.


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I created my own website because my money was limited but I realized that if I'll try, my learning is unlimited. So I tried learning from scratch how to build one. I asked my friends and other people I worked for tips. I end up having it for less than $50. I did that 2 months ago and finished designing the website just last month. It may not be such a beauty compared to other websites as much as I wanted to but somehow, I made it as elegant as possible where potential clients can see my services and contact details. YOutube also helped me alot plus other tutorial sites such as,


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I am creating my own site now with no experience but I am learning a lot as it can be something I can offer in the future.


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Are you interested in learning to build websites? It doesn't sound like it. Based on what you've given your site builder, do you feel like he has an idea of what you want? Maybe he can show you a very early draft soon? Definitely give him a few sites you like with very specific feedback on what to apply to your site. Take a deep breath!

I didn't vote since my site is not up yet, but my husband said he would build it for me. I have no interest or talent in site building - I know when to outsource :)


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I built my site after taking a 6 week WP class through my local library. I enjoy learning new things, so I was interesed in doing it. However, it still needs polishing. If I don't find time to do it soon, I will probably hire someone to add to it. The best advice I received here was to just look at other VA sites and see what you like and what you don't. Also, I try to think of it as a process/journey. All of this is new to me, so it's not going to be perfect right away. It will always need updating and freshening up. Good luck and let us know what you decide.


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I build my website using wordpress. Although I have to take online lessons to know the basics of wordpress, I guess it is worth the investment.


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Hi, I am a web designer and have been working with Wordpress since about 2007. I took one of the Studiopress themes and customized it / redesigned it for my business.


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I'm in the process of getting started with my VA business and I'm considering going the Wix route just for ease of time and I can get it up and running and looking how I want in a day or two as opposed to a few weeks. I do plan to learn Wordpress and use that in a later site update though, but I'm trying to get up and running.


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I am getting ready to start my VA business also. I have done some research and it seems like StudioPress Themes are great for modern clean looking sites/blogs.

Best of luck!