Website Feedback?


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Hi everyone! I've put together what I'd call a "first draft" of my website. I'm sure there are plenty of things that need fixed before I officially launch, but if you'd be willing to give some feedback on it, I'd really appreciate it!


Hi Laura,
Congrats on the website, I really like it! It is easy to navigate, very clean & fresh looking.

You might consider tweaking your Qualifications & Experience page. I don't think that it is necessary to list the time frames for your work experience. Perhaps using a paragraph format and grouping your skills & experiences together.

I would suggest using the same font as your Work With Me page for the Services and Q & E pages.

I am envious, my website is still in the development stage.
Thanks for sharing yours!


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Great start and use of white space. I would consider moving the search box to the header so you nav bar is on one line.

You may want to expand on your message - How are you going to make me shine? What is it that you do exactly?

You should add more copy to your home page. And maybe make the boxes smaller so they fit across the page and not down.

I would also try to fit your qualifications together better instead of a laundry list work them into a story. People love a great story.
Hi there - I like the site and how bright and happy it is. My first concern is the Work With Me page, I think you should add am email contact link. Unless your client has already contacted you or worked with you previously, asking for a payment without an opportunity to speak with you could be perceived as 'fishy'. Good luck!



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Just going to agree with much of what was said above. I think you should have the 3 points that you have to scroll down to see on your home page go across. That way you don't have to scroll and the eye likes odd numbers so 3 things (services, why VA, work with me) is perfect.

I agree that on your work experience I would not put the time frame in. I think it is unnecessary.

But overall I like the website and thing its got a nice fresh look.



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Hi Laura Sue,
I think you may want to have an "about you" page. Also a link to your linkedin page which lists where you previously worked and interned. I would list your blogs, it will give people an idea of what you can do. Good Luck!


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Thank you all SO MUCH for the input, it is greatly appreciated! Can't wait to start fixing it up! :happydance:

Thanks again!