Website Review!:)

Amy Kay

My first website is up and live! Please check it out and let me know what you think! It definitely is just a basic one for now, but I'd appreciate any feedback you might have.

Thank you so much!!:happydance:


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I like it--clean and crisp. I can't stand websites that are overrun with buttons, banners, and seem scroll unendingly.

Great job!

Your Virtual Wizard

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I have been on the boards a while and have been a VA for several years. I've seen a number of newbie sites and yours ranks up there with one of the best I have seen 'right out of the gate'.

And I like that you have done the research and are starting at a reasonable rate that shows you have confidence in your abilities.

I love the logo. It's clever.

My only suggestion is to use the 'deputy' theme a little more in the text. The logo and the tagline are so clever but then it seems like you use 'regular' words and then the deputy theme is lost. I'd use more words like 'arrest', 'lock down'...try to incorporate sparingly a few choice words so that the cleverness of your site is only indicative in your logo and tagline. And of course, do this without being too campy or overtly hokey. But I think it would make a nice hook and separate you from other VAs who use similar text.

You are a beautiful girl. I don't think, though that the picture is terribly flattering. It looks too candid for a business woman. Can you get a more professional, clear picture taken?

Otherwise, nicely done! Great job, really. Clean site!


Amy Kay

Thank you so much for your replies!:)

Janine, I do agree I need a better photo...that will come hopefully this weekend.:)

As for the wording and my logo/theme, I have been working on that landing page and trying to think of some wording that would fit, like you said, without being too hokey! It's all a work in progress, and I'm thankful for all the support from VAF!


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Hi Amy,

I really think you have strong branding potential because your "deputy" theme is memorable! Way to go, and like Janine said, I'd like to see you weave that theme into more of your content.

On your services page, you've got headings with text below for all of your services, except social media. Is there a reason for that? It might not make any difference to some clients, but when I look at that page and don't see any details below the social media heading, it makes me wonder why there's nothing there. Just my $0.02 on that one.

I think your pricing page is very clear, it doesn't leave me with any questions about how that all works.

Overall, I think you've done a really bang up job!