What are your Holiday Policies?


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I never thought about holiday notices. Do you have this stated in your signed contracts? I have mostly been project base or low enough retainer hours that it has not yet been an issue for me, but I do have some potential new clients that this will be something I need to have decided.


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I do not have a policy about holidays/time off but suppose I should have an unpublished plan in place. Being new, I had not thought of taking vacation time, and should rightfully have those conversations with my regular monthly retainer clients. I don't want to sideswipe them when it's time to travel. However, being virtual certainly allows for a certain amount of creativity while traveling, and one could essentially stay connected, even while on holiday. I suppose it depends on whether I want to fully "disconnect" or not!


As I'm reviewing my policies and procedures (more like drafting as I'm in the planning phase), I'm thinking of taking major holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and New Years) and working part time for the others (Memorial Day, Labor Day, Valentine's, etc..) working on administrative tasks like email/calendar management/responses, etc... Keeping in mind any holidays that fall on Sunday.

I won't work weekends and I think I'll play spring break and summer by ear with at least a 2 week advance notice to my clients and a 3 day follow-up reminder.

I'm still pondering, but I believe this will be the schedule that I follow.


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I provide in my Welcome Packet a list of the holidays I observe. Mainly I do this to make my clients aware of any work that has deadlines around those times or if work NEEDS to be done on one of those days, will incur an extra charge on those days but I have the option to turn it down. That way if I am not doing anything special on any of those days and have the time to work, I will at least make extra money.

If I take any vacation time not set out in the original Welcome Packet, I agree to provide them with enough notice and find someone else to help if need be or carry over hours to following month if need be.
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I'm listing all the major holidays like New Year's, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc., and because I'm from Louisiana, Mardi Gras is also major here too in my welcome packet. My birthday is the very last day of each year, so I celebrate both it and New Year's together. Two special days for me, are my kids' birthdays, I've always let them miss that day of school (if not on weekend) and just me and the birthday child go and celebrate together. IF their birthday was on the weekend, they were able to invite their friends along too. Since they are both teenagers, they don't like to "hang" with mom too much. But, it's really good to re-connect with them and re-form that bond again on their special day.