Question What can I do for my podcast guests?


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Over the past year of doing my podcast I have met some wonderful people. It would be a pleasure for me to do something for them in return for being a guest on my show. Anyone have any ideas? It doesn't have to be anything extreme just simple and appreciative.

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You could write a blog post about the podcast and cross-reference their sites in the blog.

If you create a transcript or a summary of the podcast, reference the client site and any other information the client would like promoted.

You could offer to advertise their business on your site on a rotating basis. This could be a banner or small ad.

You could handwrite a thank you note...always appreciated.

You can create a referral list by industry and post that on your site.

You can offer to review a book or a program for the client...also gets you some attention.

Just off the top of my head...