Question What is actually involved with providing services?

Ben Jones

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Hi everyone,

Can anyone shed some light on the actual duties on a day to day basis that a VA commonly does?

I hear a lot about Social Media Marketing, or emails on behalf of a client however, what do these services involve specifically?

I am trying to determine what services to offer and what is involved with each Administration type service so that I can ensure I can get myself skilled up on my chosen areas.

Many Thanks



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Some of the day to day VA activities include

1) Administrative task like appointment setting, call and email answering etc.
2) Technical task like website management, blog management etc.
3) Creative task like creating logo, banner, ads etc

Regarding social media marketing you are expected to promote social media pages like facebook page etc manage social media accounts across facebook, twitter, linkedin etc

Regarding handling emails it could be administrative or technical involving tasks like managing appointments, subscriptions, newsletters, trouble shooting and more.

Hope this helps !
Hi Ben,

Welcome to the forum! A Virtual Assistant can provide many different services to a variety of client types. What one VA does for one client is going to differ (and sometimes greatly), from another.

You had asked specifically about the following:
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Sending emails on behalf of a client

With just these two things, again, what one VA does for a client as it relates to social media marketing and emails, may differ.

But overall, you can expect a VA to assist with scheduling social updates (tweets, Facebook posts, etc), sourcing and finding content to share, monitoring statistics, etc.

For email marketing - you may find that a VA will help clients design, create, and send emails via an email marketing system, like Mailchimp. That can also be very specialized, as some VA's may work with Infusionsoft, whereas others work exclusively in Aweber or others.

I think the biggest takeaway is that a Virtual Assistant is a business owner that works virtually (remotely), and provides specialized services to other entrepreneurs. It can be anything from administrative tasks, to customer service, website design/maintenance, podcast support or anything in between.

Find what you are good at it, define your target audience and build your business around those two things.


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Hi Ben :) There's a great eBook in the VAF Store on how to set up social media as a service for clients and includes intake forms and info on how to do an audit etc. Check it out here.

I hope that helps!

Ben Jones

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Thank you for the prompt responses! I consider myself pretty good at the day to day functions of social media, emails and administration work but I obviously want to upskill in these areas so that my future clients are confident in me that I can do the work that they require.
Hi Ben, Your day to day task will depend

on what kinf of work you are handling or

depending on the client what task will be

given to you, but regardless of your task

most VA's are handling personal phone

calls,managing and answering emails,social

media marketing, blog commenting, and a lot

more.As a VA working for Elitework i do a

lot of things depending on my client.
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