What is operation risk management?


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MetricStream Operational Risk Management software provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to establish risk management discipline. Built on the MetricStream Platform, the software embodies a pervasive approach to operational risk management (ORM) and strengthens collaboration across the enterprise—from executives and risk managers to business process owners. By streamlining operational risk management, organizations can make risk-intelligent, real-time business decisions, improve business performance, and reduce losses.

  • Shorten the cycle time and costs of risk assessments to improve overall efficiency.
  • Reduce losses and avoid adverse risk events through proactive control structures, forward looking risk visibility metrics, and analytics.
  • Drive agility and risk-based decision making with access to data of the top risks confronting the organization.


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Operational Risk Management is a methodology for organizations looking to put into place real oversight and strategy when it comes to managing risks.

The Benefits Of Operational Risk Management

  • Improving the reliability of business operations.
  • Improving the effectiveness of risk management operations.
  • Strengthening the decision-making process where risks are involved.
  • Reduction in losses caused by poorly-identified risks.
  • Early identification of unlawful activities.
  • Lower compliance costs.
  • Reduction in potential damage from future risks.