Question What % of Virtual Assistants are Full Time?

Do you work FT (40 hours+) as a VA

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  • Work outside the home and VA less than 40 hours

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  • Work outside the home and VA more than 40 hours

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I'm posting this survey because just recently someone mentioned they have met more part-time VAs than full-time. After getting the percentage I'd like to have a discussion on why this may be the trend.


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Well, I used to be full-time, until I had the kids... right now I have to work around them, I tend to do 3 full days then evenings/when kid's sleep.

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I work less than 40 hours on client work but I clearly work more than 40 hours overall on the business itself. So I am not sure how to answer this.

Marketing takes up a large chunk of time during the week which I still consider work, however, it is not directly billable.

Began for me with losing my full time job this past summer and deciding that THIS is what I want to do with my life!! Fortunately, I have a wonderful husband who is fully supportive and also loves the idea. We have 3 16-year-olds (twins and one from a second marriage) only one of whom drives. So the other two still need to be schlepped to cheer-leading...youth

I am exactly where I want to be!!! (Except for the needing more clients part...LOL BUT I WILL GET THERE!!)


My only source of income is my VA business but I work less than regular full time hours a week. I had a very busy summer with project work and have been enjoying the holiday season planning a big marketing push for the beginning of the year to gain some more long term clients. :)
I work for myself full-time after leaving my previous employment but back then I worked 40 hours a week during the day there and then evenings on my own business. I'm glad that nightmare is now over! I feel the same as Janine though, perhaps I don't work 40 hours a week on client projects but overall I work a lot more then I did before what with my accounts and marketing (love it though).


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Want to be part time but at the moment while i get established im full time not because of work load but for Marketing etc


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Please continue to share this survey with other members. This is some useful information to know what everyone is in need of for resources.


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I just recently launched and I don't work fulltime elsewhere because I lost my job, so right now I'm just devoting my time to marketing and enjoying my freedom from working for someone else.
I only started my VA business in August and since then have been abroad for a few weeks and relocated to France, so my business is only just starting to take off... At the moment I work part-time on clients, but the rest of my time I am marketing and promoting myself a lot.
A year ago, my weekly work schedule was more in the 50 hr. range, so I'm glad it's more in the normal range now. I'd actually like to bring it down to 30 hrs. per week.

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Since I had my son in April I reduced my hours at my FT job to PT. I now spend the rest of the time with him and building my VA business. I would love to expand my VA time into FT so I could leave my out-of-home job altogether! That's the goal I am working for!


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I am just starting out with my virtual assistant business but am currently working a full-time job M-F, 8-5. I'd like to get my VA business to the point where I can quit working full-time for someone else and focus solely on the VA business.

Very helpful thread!


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I'm working for myself full time, it took me just under a year to get here. I left my full time corporate job in 2009 and haven't looked back.


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Wow it is interesting to see these results. It's closer than I thought. I'd like to keep in going until the end of the year.