What tools like hootsuite do you use?


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Buffer and SMQue.

SMQue is my evergreen updated and special targeted stuff. Buffer is used for sharing in the moment items link blog posts I find interesting or trending stuff.

I only use Buffer for Facebook along with scheduled posts.

I tried MeetEdger by Laura Roedler but I found too many cons for me to continue to use. It is also pretty pricey. One month of Edgar costs more than SMQue and Buffer combied.


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Do you mean full tool bag? There are tons of programs out there that offer similar services like Hootsuite vs Buffer vs Sprout Social vs everything else, etc. You have to pick which ones work for you. I personally use Hootsuite for my business because its simple, free and suits my needs.

Other programs I use that aren't often mentioned are:

Google For Business Apps and Illustrator.

These might seem like simple tools but I really like everything that comes with google apps like sheets, docs, custom email etc. And I also LOVE using illustrator. I wouldn't be able to create any graphics without it. I'm not even a designer and I think I can widdle together some pretty professional-looking graphics that play a MASSSIVE role in my branding, marketing etc.


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I'm now on Buffer since I find it more appropriate for social media.
I tried 2 SW in the past but I think Buffer seems to be the one I can lean on at the moment.

However, if you are looking for more options, maybe this list could help. It's a Google spreadsheet of over 20 tools along with its features, pricing, integration etc.


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Thanks for posting the link to that spreadsheet John, a lot of great information in one easy to compare spot.


I use Hootsuite but would like to try out something else as well. I prefer to use TweetDeck specifically for Twitter though. I guess it's probably just a weakness.

Thank you so much John for that spreadsheet.


I use Croudbooster. Because Crowdbooster focuses on gathering data from your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Other features include being able to analyze impressions, total reach, and engagement. This will allow you to modify and improve your strategy by knowing what is working and what is not.