Question What's the hardest part of keeping another job?


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Here on the forum I started a survey about the number of VAs that are full-time. It's pretty cool because it's very even so far.

Now my question is for those of you that are working another job. What's the hardest part of it. I would have to say juggling each client's time. I only have so many in a week so I need to be fair to each client.

What's your challenge?

Eternal VA

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My challenge is that I work in a school, not in an administrative environment anymore. Some days are tougher than others as the school is in a deprived area, but I wanted the chance to try to make a difference to some childrens' lives. This means I don't get annual leave to take when I want, so attending business conferences, networking events etc is almost non-existent, my networking has to be on an evening so is mainly online, all of my research is done on an evening, I need to spend time with my family too, searching for that first client is done evening time, and sometimes I also have to plan and mark work for school.
But...... I love the challenge of being so busy all the time (even if I do feel as though I'm always on the go!)

It does make finding a client difficult though as I cannot traditionally cold-call anywhere, as they are closed for the day as I am getting home.

Office Goddess

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My biggest challenge is finding time for ME. Between my 9-5, Goddess, the hubby, the father-in-law with prostate cancer, my son, and my family (mom, dad, sister, niece, etc.), I seem to often get lost in the mix. I have instituted a "Sunday morning is MINE" policy that I am left alone until noon. Sometimes I sleep in, or I go to movies, read books, take loooong baths, etc. This has been my survival so that I can function for everyone else the rest of the time.


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I don't have another job but I do go to school fulltime and the hardest part is just finding enough time in general to do everything that needs to get done.


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I am a newbie, and I still currently work full time, while I plan my business. Its good to still work and make money while building something bigger for myself. But sometimes I feel like working all day long and then coming home to my family having to cook and clean makes my process slower. I think those who do not have to work have more time to focus strictly on the business, because they have more time to tackle everything.