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For my new Netherlands' client, he told me in the beginning that I was more expensive than the person his company was currently using, but he was looking for better quality. He never asked me for a lower rate, which is good because I don't lower my rates...LOL!

After my first transcript with him this is part of an e-mail response I just received...

"I have now gone through the transcription you did for us. I am very satisfied about your work. A few bits and pieces here and there that needed correction, but that is normal, overall, very good. As indicated before, you are more expensive than our regular provider, but you are better as well."

He goes on to say that they just won a new project and will have more interviews August through October this year. This was a tough one that I was nervous about because of the heavy accent and he wanted me to "change clumsy English sentences to proper English sentences." But it was fun, too, dealing with a topic I don't work with much and terms, places, and people from "across the pond" that I had to research a bit to find!

So, ladies and gentlemen, stick to your rates and provide the best quality you can...it PAYS off. :happydance:

Yay! That is awesome! I know that I feel apprehensive about my rates pretty much all the time, but when it comes down to it I know that I'm worth it and I do quality work. This week someone that I've known for a while asked me to do some work, but then was offended at the price I quoted them and said they expected a "friend discount." I was telling my husband about it and the first thing he said was that I'm sure the person will come back to me when they get in over their head. It just kind of reaffirmed to me also that I don't want clients that don't see the value in paying for quality services, even if I have known them for a while!


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I don't lower my rates either because I know that I deliver QUALITY work and I think that is the most important to clients. :) They want quality and someone who works very hard for them. Way to go!

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Thanks for the pep talk, Pam! :thumbsup: Will definitely keep it in mind as I begin to market my business. I've already had a couple discussions regarding my rates with family members who were a little surprised at the average VA rates. They've given me an opportunity to practice my "pitch". LOL!

Congratulations to you!
I agree. I never lower my service fee either at a client's request. Reduced rates are given by me and in the event a client requests a series of services for example. I remember a instance when a potential client told me that they received a lower service fee from somebody else even though they even admitted services I offered were more complete. There was a long pause as the client expected me to jump in and lower my rate and of course I didn't so she said she would go with the other service provider. Two days later, she rang me back to say she accepts my fee and had already transferred monies across to me.

Stick to your guns and value your work :)
Good job Sabrina. I believe if you value yourself and your product, the work will follow. I'm starting out so its hard to not jump at anything that comes along, but as in life, you teach people how to treat you. Dr. Phil was right on that one. :)
That is so right ASAP Legal but you have the chance to set your standard from the very beginning so you can start out as you mean to go on and avoid getting caught out. I soon learned that not every client is a good client...


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This is so encouraging - I am a newbie, and have been tempted to lower my rate to get more business. Then I remind myself that I have a top quality product, and you get what you pay for!


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I totally agree with everyone's comments! A client truly gets what they pay for, and because I provide top quality work, it's worth much more than the rate I am currently charging.

Sometimes I'm tempted to lower my rate when I'm still trying to land my first client, but clients may not understand the "behind the scenes", off the clock work that goes into providing a quality product! If I don't value me, then I cannot expect others to... and what I provide is VERY valuable IMHO! So stick to your guns and don't undervalue yourself!