Who pays for cable?


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I am in the process of setting up my VA business based out of my home. I have an EIN number and I'm ready to open up a PO Box, a bank account and set up my internet and phone.

How are folks setting up their home office in regards to internet, phone and cable?? Do I have the business pay for all three? Or just internet and phone and pay for cable on my own for tax purposes?

Just want to do the right thing...

Thank you

PS Thank you Jan Udlock for the tip ; )
I don't think that you could have the business pay for cable if it isn't used for a business purpose. I think that you could have the business pay for the phone or internet, but if you use the phone or internet for any personal purposes, you would need to figure out what percentage you use for personal vs. business and divide the bill up that way.


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It's best to talk to your tax professional to see what deductions you can take for what when working from home :)

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I agree that it's best to talk with a tax professional. If you don't use something for your business at all, you can't use it as a business deduction. For something like the Internet, if you also use it for personal reasons and/or other family members use the Internet as well, I'm not sure if you can deduct it. I know you can deduct a certain portion of utilities such as water, electric, and garbage pickup, but I'm not sure about Internet.