Why Hire A Virtual Marketing Manager?


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Hiring a Virtual Marketing Assistant can be a way to save money and provide your company’s marketing department with a marketing expert. A Virtual Marketing Manager is an experienced professional and is an expert in handling a wide range of tasks, like creating appealing promotional materials, designing and supervising email campaigns, and lead generation.


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I would suggest upwork. Upwork, the world's largest online workplace I have been using it for years to hire various types of freelancers and found the quality of people I have hired to be very good.

Having said that there are also a lot of spiv’s on there as well so take your time finding the right one. You will be inundated with responses

Some general tips on how I find candidates

  1. At the bottom of the job description say that when they are replying they have to use a certain word in their response. Ie dog, burger, car, tv etc etc. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it's not relevant to the job. What you will find is a significant number won't use it. If they don't they immediately ignore despite how good the proposal could be
  2. Say that you need references either via upwork (preferably) or other means
  3. For a VA they need to be fluent in English. Tell them
  4. Make sure they have a fast internet connection so you can talk on skype etc
  5. Only look for people with (say) 4 or better star ratings ( out of 5)
  6. Make sure that they have had at least a few jobs on upwork and have made at least $1,000 via upwork
There are lots more tricks but this is a good starter

I have probably hired about 40 freelancers over the years via upwork and spent about $50k over this time and with the exception of 1 person, all were excellent.