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Why I love being a VA because I'm the best boss I could ever work for. I have flexibility, freedom to set a work schedule fitting to my lifestyle. I can take water beaks, TV breaks, and lunch breaks whenever I want. When I need to work late hours, I don't have to be concerned about walking to my car in a dark parking lot. And best of all - I love the great small business tax deductions!


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I love these answers! Like most I enjoy that I can be available to my children. I also love that I control my income and set my own limits. I love the wonderful people I get to work with both as clients and fellow VAs. I loving the friendships I've formed in the VA community.


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Since I am just starting to get clients, I love the idea being the gatekeeper to what I can do. The sky is the limit and possibilities are endless!!

Keep up the great work!!

Borlok VA

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What do you love the most about working for yourself?

I'm responsible for my own success. I can be all I can be; I just need to say I can.


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To work for myself means I have the ability to set goals and standards that agree with my values of respect and dignity to all upper and lower level management and personnel. I have the freedom to set my own hours, accept, refuse, or pass on a project that is beyond my capabilities or desire to do. I can spend more time with my ill spouse and yet have a decent income. I get to work with others who are in the industry and benefit from their knowledge and expertise.
Wendy Burney


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I love that I have the freedom and flexibility to direct the course of my working life. I love that I no longer have bosses that feel the need to micro manage everything imaginable. I have the freedom to control when I want to work and when I don't and how long I want to work. I have the drive to do something that I'm passionate about and aren't just being told what to do on a day in and day out basis.

Lastly, even though being an entrepreneur is a lot more work than being an employee, I do it because it's rewarding.


I look forward to providing the best and the most efficient results for my clients while providing myself with the most challenging, fun projects I can. Operating a company the way I think a company should be operated will be a new challenge all on its own, and I look forward to realizing the results of decisions I make.


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What I love the most about starting to work for myself is that I do not have to worry about getting fired by anyone or being at work at a certain time or worry about overtime because someone is watching my hours. Actually it is God's business, he just allows me to run it in honor of him. Also I can spend more time going to Church, volunteer at church and spend more time with my family and go places without worry about missing money at work. God is truely blessing me with a great job and a family that is behind me 100%.
Friends often ask me if I miss working for my former employer. No, I don't; I do sometimes miss the people but not the other stuff. Working for myself, I've found the Freedom, Choice, and Flexibility I've always wanted.

Freedom: No heavy traffic, low gas prices (I fill my tank about once a month), lunch and bathroom breaks (it's nice not to need someone to cover for me before I can do either one. Even better, not to be told I have to wait awhile). I now have the ability to have lunch with someone, even a business lunch, and take longer than an hour or less.

Choice: clients/projects are the ones I want to work with/on. Being able to decide what hours I work (and when) makes me do a better job. Reason: I'm not tied down or confined to a certain schedule and therefore I'm more relaxed. When I work hard, I get the credit in the form of decent money and happy clients.

Flexibility: Being able to participate in family events such as attending a school play is so much easier now, because I don't need permission to leave early or to have someone cover my duties. I travel a little more because my work can travel with me if necessary.

The ultimate benefit of working for myself is I've found the joy I had when I first started working for my former employer. Now I once again love my work and the people I work with.
Hi All

I absolutely love the fact they my whole lifestyle has changed for the better since I started my own business. I have flexibility to be there for my kids, I have recently joined a gym and am on a mission to get fitter and healthier. I also LOVE my job! I really enjoy what I do and it doesn't feel like work, so I work mornings, I work evenings and I sometimes work weekends... but it never feels like work.

To sum it up, I love being a healthier, happier person (with a happier, closer family), which is all thanks to being able to run my own business from home.


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I'm still a startup but the idea of providing services on my own terms is exciting. It's about creating the life I want, not the one I am living, that keeps me striving to move from start up to make my dream come true.


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Of course there is the flexibility for my family but the thing I love the most is being in charge of my own destiny without having to "ask". My schedule, my clients, the growth of my company, the works. It's not having to do something that I don't want to do. It's being able to take my company further than ever thought possible rather than padding someone's pocket, never truly getting anywhere and having to do something I hate doing just to support my family! This career choice is great when one is a control freak!!
What I love most about working for myself is the same for most of the VA's that have replied so far.
I also volunteer at our local Care Pregnancy Center and I am able to reach ladies in crisis situations to give them hope for options other than abortion. Being a VA helps me achieve that.
I love helping other business owners reach their full potential by utilizing my skills or the skills of one of my team members.
I also love to network face to face. This enables me to educate the public about what a Virtual Assistant is and how I can help them make their business grow.


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I love the flexibility of being able to work when I can and be off when I need for school activities and be around to transport my boys to their activities.

Olinda Services

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I love choosing my clients. I enjoy a variety of work and I know that I can grow and expand my list of services to embrace a varied client list.
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