Your comments please


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Hi, would be grateful for comments on my website please. Feel it needs a bit more to it but not certain what. Im not easily offended so be frank.:idea:
I think you've done a great job.
I didn't give it a thorough checking but right off I'd say make sure all of your pages match, specifically on the About Us and Office Services pages- the white contact information box is lower than on the other pages.
It's distracting when switching between pages.

Everything else looks great. Simple and professional.

Good luck


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Thanks Christina, your comments are noted. I will have a word with my son who put it together for me. I know he had a few problems when setting it up.


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Hi Sneeze

Your website design is clear and simple - well done! One issue I always have is with white text on a black background - it just doesn't work for me. It's harder to read than dark text on a white background and visitors are less likely to spend time browsing your site if it's not 'easy on the eye'.

Another point is the space above the fold (ie. where the visitor has to start using the scroll bar) - always make sure your contact details are on the top half of the page.

Instead of 'Telephone Services', why not put 'Virtual Receptionist' - this is a service that's in much demand and it's easier to recognise at first glance (also make sure you add it to your keywords and meta tags/descriptions ;) ).

One other point is have a call to action on each page. If I'm a potential client reading about your services and want to email you, I have to go to the 'contact us' page to get the details. Have at least one link to your email address contained within the text on each page.

Those are my first thoughts - have to dash now!


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Hi Sneeze,

I just tried visiting your website, it's down. I'm guessing that you are working on it. Will come back later to review and give some feedback:).


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Hi Agnes
I didn't know it was down, must have been a server problem. I just had a look and it worked for me but please let me know if anyone has a problem getting it up. I will keep a eye on it thanks.


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All good now:)!

Very nice Denise:). I like the postcard feel of your site, quite different.

The thing that quickly popped at me was that some of the pages didn't have the great fitting of the Secretarial, telephone service and contact pages. You need to adjust the left side with the picture and the burgundy box to level off with the other half of the page.

Also I would recommend that you check out the SEO section and see all the tips to get your website Internet friendly. In regards to page titles, keywords, site description and more.

Wishing you the absolute best.


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Hi Sneeze -

I love the look and the colors. Very crisp and professional looking.

Unfortunately, I'm going to end up the bearer of bad news...:-(

I'm noticing a few things that are off-at just first glance. I am NOT at all an expert in these things - and while it may not show up on your end like this, I'm concerned that other (potential clients) will see this the way I I wanted to mention it so you can ask your webmaster what the problem might be.

I see the text in your tabs on at least the home page pressed all the way up to the top of the tabs. I also see your address going vertically down the page. It looks like this:

Shanvalley House,




Co. Carlow


There is also a random dash under "we can accept your work..." - just above email. Also, there is alot of extra spacing in between some of the paragraphs, etc.

I am so sorry - that I have no idea the solution - but I'm getting close to having mine critiqued as well and I know that its possible that I'll have some of the same problems.

I think this probably all shows up perfect on your computer, and I can't recall why that happens. I just know that it has something to do with the fact that it was created on your computer - but doesn't translate the same way to everyone else.