Create a Custom Virtual Office Background for Free

Create a Custom Virtual Office Background for Free

Did you know that you can create a custom virtual office background for free? Find out more about free background designs and options for uploading your business logo. It is easy to download and use a free custom background in Zoom, Microsoft Teams or other video conferencing applications that support virtual backgrounds.

Building Your Brand

The best way to build your brand is to display consistent branding and act as a representative. Once you have a brand logo, you can upload this image to a virtual office background. When you participate in remote meetings or online conferences, you can display your logo to familiarize other participants with your brand and encourage them to associate you with your company.

It is worthwhile to develop the best-looking logo within your budget. The colors, font and overall design of your logo should correspond to your brand’s products or services. Whether you create your own logo, use a logo design tool or invest in a professionally designed image, you should obtain a high-resolution image file on a transparent background to use in Zoom or Teams backgrounds.

High Resolution Images

A high-resolution image will look better on a free or premium virtual background. If you use a low-resolution image, your logo might appear pixelated. While it is your goal to draw attention to your logo, you do not want it to stand out on an office background for the wrong reasons. 

If your logo is on an opaque background, it may not blend into the virtual surroundings. You can use a free online tool or a photo editing tool to make the image background transparent. You can also scale the size of a high-resolution logo to fit in any background. 

Upload a Logo

Once you have a suitable logo file, you can upload this image to a free virtual office background. Every free and premium background designates space to display a logo. The space indicated for the inclusion of your logo is the only part of the image in which your logo is likely to look natural in the design. 

There are a limited number of free background designs and these designs include watermarks. If you find that a background with a logo, watermark and your camera feed looks too distracting, you should upgrade to a premium background without a watermark.

Background Set Up

You can access the settings in Zoom, Teams or any other video conferencing application to set up a virtual background. These platforms often include some backgrounds, but these designs are typically not customizable. The best Teams background makes it easy to display your brand logo.

A free background can be a great way to learn how to use virtual backgrounds. If you would like to display your logo without a watermark, you should upgrade to a premium virtual background. You can choose a single premium background image, license several backgrounds or invest in a package of 25 premium background designs that you can customize and choose from for calls and meetings.