FAQs About Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol addiction is a serious issue that could affect a person’s health, career, and relationships. Entering alcohol rehab can help anyone who has an addiction gain independence from alcoholism. If you are considering getting help for alcohol addiction, you might want to know what to expect in rehab. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about alcohol rehabilitation:

How Do I Know If I Need Rehab?

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) tends to creep on you, so you may not be aware when forming an alcohol dependence. Habits like binge drinking, neglecting responsibilities and hobbies in favor of drinking, and lying about how much alcohol you consume may indicate a drinking problem. You also may need alcohol rehab if your loved ones have expressed concerns about your drinking patterns. Other signs you need help include increased tolerance for alcohol, unsuccessful attempts at cutting back on alcohol, and inability to function without alcohol. 

Why Should I Go to Rehab?

People think they can get over their alcohol addiction cold turkey. This attempt usually fails due to the severe effects of alcohol withdrawal. Detoxing from alcohol at home may result in potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms, mainly when your alcohol dependence is intense. At rehab, you get the assistance you need to wean your body off alcohol. The professionals in rehab centers offer prescriptions to ease your pain, helping you detox comfortably and efficiently. 

Rehab offers a comfortable place where you can take your time to recover without pressure from anyone. The peaceful environment at rehabilitation facilities allows you to focus on your well-being rather than external factors. Being surrounded by people going through the same experience helps you feel less alone, which helps your recovery journey. 

What Happens in Alcohol Rehab?

Most rehabilitation centers tailor their alcohol addiction treatments to fit your needs. Rehab starts with medical detoxification, lasting a few days to a week or two. Once you complete detox, the professionals at the rehab center enroll you in different therapies meant to help you achieve and sustain your recovery. Some rehab centers offer cognitive behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, and accelerated resolution therapy. These treatments allow you to address the root of your alcohol habit and form healthier coping mechanisms. Rehabilitation facilities also set aside some time for you to engage in recreational activities and engage with other people in the facility. 

Do I Have to Stay in the Rehab Center during Treatment?

Most alcohol rehabilitation facilities have a combination of residential and outpatient programs. If you want to focus solely on your recovery, you can enroll in the residential inpatient program. Under this program, you spend your entire recovery in the facility. Alternatively, you can enroll in a partial hospitalization program, where you spend the day at the facility and go home in the evening. If you have a robust support system at home or have already completed an intense treatment program, you can join an outpatient program for ongoing support. 

Can I Bring My Belongings to The Rehab Facility?

Every rehab facility has rules on what patients can bring. Rehabilitation centers do not allow patients to carry weapons and drugs into the facility. You can take personal necessities like clothes, toiletries, and reading materials. It also helps to have a list of emergency contacts, particularly for patients in residential inpatient programs. A journal can help you reflect on your healing journey and your experiences in rehab. 

Get Help Recovering from Addiction

Alcohol rehab offers a lifeline for people struggling with AUD. At alcohol addiction treatment centers, you get the resources and support you need to recover from your addiction. You also have the chance to get therapies tailored to your needs. If you have an alcohol problem, seek help from an experienced addiction treatment professional to start your recovery journey.